Thursday, December 31, 2020

Binge: November-December 2020 Movies and Series

1) The Princess Switch (2018-2020)

Photo credits: ForeignLoveWeb

Why watch it?

Definitely a chic flick! I thought this has overdone The Parent Trap or cringey A Christmas Prince but first impressions aren't always true. The first half of the movie already made me laugh and follow the story. This boat rowed more on the princess and the pauper category - not too much but just about right. Plus, I still love how Vanessa plays her character.

2) Last Christmas (2019)

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Why watch it?

A bit late on the Christmas Netflix bandwagon but this enters my list considering how modern and entertaining it was to watch. There were also some few and good takeaways that you shouldn't skip on. Surprising ending as well - they took Last Christmas song to a whole new degree (even literally lol). I love how they gave Henry Golding & Michelle Yeoh their roles - got more convincing to me. I also loved seeing Emilia Clarke sing and how Emma Thompson plays mum role. Aahh, makes you think about doing a lot more good things for other people aside from family and friends.

3) The Sweetest Heart (2018)

Photo credits: Hallmark Channel
Why watch it?

I'm a fan of Hallmark movies *inner Auntie unleashed* and I'm telling you that one of these days, I'll be holding my own baking equipments or lighting expensive scented soy candles. Kidding aside, this movie is one of my favorite from Hallmark. It's simple baker and doctor type of love story. No matter how cliché Hallmark movie scripts are, this story just clicks for me.  Count that Unleashing Mr. Darcy in.

4) Queen's Gambit (2020)

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Why watch it?

Ceiling chess? Why not?!  Joking aside, after the watching the pilot episode, I got hooked and wanted to know how Beth Harmon wins every tournament. I'm not a big fan of chess but I'm amused by how much I glued myself to the screen every episode. I also read in social media that it took the screenwriter 30 years to get it on Netflix. Crazy! Would lose my mind just thinking how you'd begin or show people the clips you wanted them to see. So well done! I hope there's a Season 2 with Beth x Townes story (but that's just me trying to extend the nonexistent plot. Haha!)

5) Alice in Borderland (2020)

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Why watch it?

Virtual reality! Something most of us quarantiners can relate to (and yes, I did Google that word).

Nothing like a good pilot episode. I just watched this for fun but it was also very gory and I can't wait for the second season! Yamaken is doing it right.💓

6) True Beauty (2020)

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Why watch it?

A tvN classic! I just couldn't skip a funny Korean drama. It's too entertaining to get off my December watch list (no matter how parallel the plot was to The Heirs). There's the never-ending, cliché love triangle and the comic love story of the lead's sister! 


With all these, I decided to combine my November and December list as I didn't get to post last month's movie & series roll.

First week of December sure was busy but I'm happy I still reserved some screen time after all that has happened. Plus, January is coming too fast. Time to open another bottle of alcohol!

Hope you're all having a good and safe New Year!

Marsh Mae